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Your high-volume or continuous-flow production requires a very flexible scheduling system. The - Repetitive Manufacturing application satisfies this requirement by providing the means to control production without the use of cumbersome work orders.

Repetitive Manufacturing At-A-Glance

Repetitive Production Schedule Capabilities

  • Multiple assembly schedules per production line
  • System-generated or manual schedules
  • Repetitive flow rate by item
  • Production quantity by interval
  • Multiple completion dates and quantities
  • Master Production Scheduling, Material Requirements Planning, and Project Resource Planning computer-planned orders optionally converted Assembly configuration date effectivity
  • Component and operation date effectivity
  • One-time component substitutions
  • Integrated with ECNs

Repetitive Production Schedule

  • Standard or average cost
  • Estimated cost amounts
  • Schedule codes for capacity planning and shop floor control
  • Floor stock item location
  • Rework code and ship assignment
  • Project identification
  • Customer and sales order
  • Next assembly and work order
  • Multiple text/comment lines

Schedule Completions

  • Completed units moved to inventory or to a work order
  • Lot and serial numbers assigned
  • Over-building controlled by completion tolerance
  • Reversal capability
  • Configuration date override

Work Center Inventory Balancing

  • Calculate required component inventory based on current period demand
  • Stores inventory committed to work centers
  • Exception notices for shortages and excess material
  • Pull tickets for transfer of material to work centers

Work-In-Process Transactions

  • Cost collection for labor and machine hours, outside processing and scrap
  • Direct material issues
  • Issue lot and serial controlled items
  • Unplanned issues for lost or defective items
  • Reversals for return-to-stock
  • Reclaim by-product materials
  • Integrated with Engineering Notices

Schedule Closes

  • Separate manufacturing and financial close
  • Reversal capability
  • Review open quantities and commitments
  • Shortage disposition
  • Capability to close short
  • Review costs and variances
  • Late charges and adjustments
  • Update historical cost

Backflush Materials

  • Individual or batch backflushing capabilities
  • Lot or serial controlled items directly issued