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Now all your projects, including service-only and service plus material projects, can have the planning visibility needed to stay on schedule and respond quickly to change. - Project Resource Planning provides multi-level planning tools that include an easy-to-use workbench for developing and modifying plans online. Optimize your planning capabilities with sophisticated simulation, date synchronization, and impact analysis features that assure on-time, on-target projects.

Project Resource Planning At-A-Glance

PRP Workbench Actions:

The actions that can be performed on items in the Workbench include:

  • Establish Initial Dates
  • Generate Supply Orders
  • Reconcile Dates
  • Re-plan Dates
  • Perform Impact Analysis
  • Conduct Simulations
  • Establish SEIBAN

PRP Workbench Displays:

  • Exceptions Only
  • Single Level
  • Multi-level
  • PRP Items Only
  • Critical Items Only
  • By Customer
  • By Date Range

Planning Dates:

PRP options may be set to use the following dates for planning:

  • Contract Service Line Items
    • Planned start date
    • Planned end date
    • Simulated start date
    • Simulated end date
  • Contract Material Line Items
    • Planned material required date
    • Simulated material required date
    • Task dates referenced to Supply Orders
    • Planned start date
    • Planned end date
    • Simulated start date
    • Simulated end date

Date Reconciliation Options:

During reconciliation, PRP will synchronize dates based on one of the following options:

  • Reconcile task dates to contract line item dates
  • Reconcile contract line item dates to task dates
  • Reconcile task dates to supply order dates
  • Reconcile supply orders to task dates
  • Reconcile material line item dates to delivery line item dates
  • Reconcile delivery line item dates to material line item dates