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Successful projects depend on the precise and detailed definition of products and tasks. - Project Definition puts you in control with a versatile format for defining projects of any type, size, and degree of complexity, then integrating the information into the system.

Project Definition At-A-Glance


  • Project structures can be created manually, copied from another project, or generated from a template
  • An unlimited number of user-defined project templates can be maintained
  • Project fields:
    • Project ID
    • Task ID
    • Task Start Date
    • Task End Date
  • Project actions can be classified by status codes

Work Breakdown Structures

  • Represents projects in a hierarchical structure of projects, tasks and sub-tasks
  • Assigns a unique WBS identifier for every project, task and sub-task

Integrated Pegging

  • Projects can link to contracts, sales orders and independent demand installation orders
  • Project tasks can link to demand lines, e.g., contract lines, and that demand is pegged to a supply order

Revision Control

  • Tracks multiple project revisions including baseline
  • Saves a “snapshot” of current project status for historical purposes
  • Text description can be saved with each revision