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Outstanding customer service and optimum manufacturing productivity require accurate, up-to-date inventory information. - Physical Inventory (& Cycle Counting) provides this information through an automated process that minimizes disruptions to business operations during the physical count process.

Physical Inventory – Cycle Counting - At-A-Glance

Cycle Count Automatic Queue Generation

  • System-selected items for counting
  • User-defined intervals by ABC class
  • Cycle counts by commodity code
  • User may accept or modify all eligible items
  • Multiple concurrent cycle counting
  • Cycle identifier controls each cycle

Inventory Tag Generation

  • Generates tags for all items for full physical inventory
  • Blank tags for unplanned items and quantities
  • One tag each for every unique item, quantity, lot or serial combination, physical inventory or cycle count
  • Tag sequence by location, bin, item and revision
  • Reversal allowed for generation process

User-Controlled Purging

  • Tags and control files
  • By master location
  • By cycle count ID
  • By full physical inventory

Freeze Options

  • Quantity on-hand at any time per user discretion
  • Freeze required before count entry
  • Freeze during cycle count entry
  • Adjustments allowed after freeze to correct errors
  • Original quantity retained
  • Freeze reversal allowed

Inventory Count and Recount

  • Unlimited recounts permitted
  • Original quantity retained for audit
  • Edits provided for stock, non-stock and non-standard items Tag voiding with reason code
  • Original count reversal allowed

Update of Perpetual Inventory

  • Close of physical inventory or cycle counting process
  • Update perpetual inventory records with final results
  • Update options by cycle count, cycle ID or full physical inventory

Inquiries and Reports

  • Item Tags
  • Status Inquiry
  • Cycle Count Status
  • Physical Inventory Status
  • Cycle Count Queue
  • Temporary Variances
  • Variances
  • Period Variances
  • Pre-Update Exceptions
  • Printed Tags
  • Missing Tags
  • Inventory Update