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KANBAN, a technique for work and inventory release, is a major component of Just-in-Time and Lean Manufacturing philosophy. It was originally developed at Toyota in the 1950s as a way of managing material flow on the assembly line. Over the past three decades the Kanban process, a highly efficient and effective factory production system, has developed into an optimum-manufacturing environment leading to global competitiveness.

Advantages of Kanban Processing
Provides a simple and understandable process. Provides quick and precise information. There are low costs associated with the transfer of information. Provides quick response to changes. There is a strict limit of over-capacity in processes. Avoids overproduction. Minimizes waste. Full control can be maintained. Delegates responsibility to line workers.

Kanban Processing in
As part of our on-going commitment to provide the best manufacturing practices within, we have introduced a new module encompassing the very best of Kanban techniques.

The monthly requirements are calculated using MPS, from this information using the KANBAN planning screen the number of KANBANS required are calculated.

For more information on this module, please download the datasheet from our Products page..