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For profitable businesses, active project management doesn’t stop at the four walls of the plant – it follows through to successful customer installation and maintenance. - Installation Management helps you plan and execute successful installations by managing the delivery of materials, services, and other resources – such as subcontractors – to the installation site.

Installation Management At-A-Glance

Site Register

  • Defines the installation site
  • Provides the multi-level “as maintained” configuration
  • Maintains multi-level item detail, e.g. lot number, serial number and effectivity

Installation Order

  • Supports unlimited number of line items and can associate each line with a routing, BOM, and site
  • Includes both material items to be installed and service item BOMs, which represent items consumed in delivering the service
  • Activities and tasks related to an installation can be planned and scheduled through Project Resource Planning and Detail Capacity Planning
  • Initiates billing when linked to Progress Billing

Installation Order Tracking and Costing

  • Tracks material issued, shipped, in-transit, consumed, scrapped, and returned.
  • Tracks Value Added activities such as labor, subcontractors, variances, etc.


  • Installation Order
  • Bill of Material
  • Routing
  • Material List
  • Delivery List
  • History
  • Component Picklist
  • Return Material
  • Cost Roll-up
  • Site Register


  • Order Status Summary
  • Summary Costs
  • Detail Costs
  • Material List
  • Delivery List
  • Bill of Material
  • Routing
  • Component Picklist
  • Period Component Issue
  • Period Component Scrap
  • Period Labor Entry
  • Period Machine Entry
  • Period Outside Processing
  • Labor Efficiency
  • Machine Efficiency
  • Cost Rollup
  • Period Cost Adjustments
  • Closed IO Variance
  • Site Register
  • Product Overview