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Financial reporting is the foundation of business communications. At the heart of this communication, General Ledger collects and processes financial data for effective management presentation.

General Ledger At-A-Glance

Chart of Accounts

  • Up to 9 user-defined elements
  • Up to 9 user-defined levels
  • Up to 99 views per Fiscal Year
  • Account mask for control of display format
  • 20 alphanumeric positions
  • User-defined Account Types
  • Description field
  • Multiple text lines

Budget Development

  • Budgets, outlooks and forecasts
  • Multiple years: current, next and prior
  • Budget methods: fixed, flexible and total
  • Budget amounts and optional quantities
  • Two-way API to desktop


  • Drill down from any balance to transaction detail
  • User-defined query profiles
  • Any query in any currency
  • Real-time, online balances

Financial Report Writing

  • User-defined formats and formulas
  • Currency selection
  • Income statements and balance sheets
  • Consolidation roll-ups
  • Comparative reports with user-defined periods
  • Budget reports
  • Report multiple periods, quarters and years

Fiscal Calendar

  • 18 user-defined periods
  • Independently defined quarters
  • Period control and closing
  • Periods are user-controlled by transaction groups
  • Secured periods for pre- and post-closing transactions
  • Automatic year-end posting to retained earnings account.

Journal Entries

  • Regular and inter-company
  • Amounts or percentages
  • Automatic reversal option
  • Pre-stored account distributions
  • Recurring journal entries
  • Balance transfers to multiple accounts
  • Text lines
  • Security for out-of-period and out-of-balance postings
  • Powerful Allocation Engine

Multinational Capabilities

  • Home currency for General Ledger amounts
  • Tracking of document currency and alternate currency equivalents
  • Currency consolidation across General Ledgers
  • Rate conversion with effectivity dates
  • Exchange rate variances


  • User Security Profile
  • Control viewing and posting access
  • Tightly monitored security can be enhanced with optional Audit Manager