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Accurate correlation of future demand and production output is one of the most difficult and critical tasks in any modern manufacturing enterprise. - Forecasting provides you with the sophisticated “what-if” tools and built-in models you need to precisely and accurately characterize sales histories, analyze recent demand trends, and transfer final forecasts to the master production schedule

Forecasting At-A-Glance

<p><b>Variable Forecast


  • By week
  • By month
  • By quarter

Multiple Demand Streams

  • Selectable by region, sales type, sales subtype
  • Definable forecasting horizon

Forecast Worksheets

  • Multiple worksheets
  • Multiple selection criteria for building list of products to forecast

Forecast Parameters

  • Selection criteria
    • CCN / Division
    • Product Code
    • Forecasting group
    • House product line
    • Analyst
    • Finished/spares
    • Family
    • Item
  • System level
  • Worksheet level
  • Cycle
  • Worksheet item/family
  • Cycle item/family

Optional Batch Processing

  • Extraction
  • Forecast
  • Transfer to MPS

Demand History Extraction

  • Demand source
    • Open orders
    • Order History
    • Archive

Forecast Calculations

  • By worksheet and cycle
  • Data manipulation
    • Aggregate items
    • Prorate forecasts
    • Consolidate locations
    • Deconsolidate locations
  • Adjustments
    • Demand history
    • Forecasts
  • Options to summarize revisions
  • More than two dozen forecasting models.
    • Exponential smoothing
    • Weighted moving average
    • Multiple-period moving average
    • Growth factor
    • Actual plus difference
    • Ratio seasonality
  • Iterative forecast cycles

Transfer Forecast to Master Schedule

  • By worksheet
  • Select cycle to accept
  • Option to spread forecasts
  • Saves results of selected cycle by worksheet into archives
  • Purges remaining cycles

Standard Inquiries

  • Demand Stream, Where Used
  • Worksheet, Where Used
  • List of Items in Worksheet
  • Selection Criteria Details in Worksheet
  • Parameters and Formula Usage Forecast
  • Evaluation

Standard Reports

  • Demand Stream Exceptions
  • Worksheet Template Exceptions
  • Worksheet Template, Items Reclassified
  • Forecast Details
  • Forecast Item Review
  • Batch Execution
  • Transfer to MPS
  • Demand Stream Matrix Exceptions
  • Forecast Exceptions
  • Worksheet-Cycle Demand History
  • Items Where Used Exceptions
  • Archive Status
  • Forecast Generation Formula Usage