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Rapid changes in technology compress product life cycles and increase demands for new products. This constant state of transition and flux creates a huge demand for quality field service. - Field Service is designed to meet this demand by providing the tools you need to manage all aspects of your Field Service team.

Numerous Benefits

For progressive companies not afraid to compete for and win new customers, Field Service has become a very profitable and strategic offering. The benefits of a properly managed field service team are numerous. Good field service keeps customers satisfied and coming back, provides a source for valuable marketing information, and creates a significant, continuing revenue stream for a product.

Field Engineer Assignment and Monitoring

This feature allows users to keep track of field engineer activities, including job assignments, performance, service call status and completion, inventory usage, and time cards. It also allows users to:

  • Manage dispatch lists which prioritize all open service orders for a particular field engineer.
  • Update time sheets, report job status and completions, and add comments to service orders. These activities can be uploaded daily from the field service engineer’s laptop computer.
  • Generate a daily list of required items based on scheduled service orders. The list can be downloaded into the field service engineer’s laptop computer.
  • Perform the following functions:
    • Vehicle physical inventory
    • Issue, track and consume repair kits

Integration With Installation Orders

The ability of Field Service to automatically create a customer site register on completion of an installation order provides an invaluable tool to your field service team. By allowing you to identify and maintain material directly from installation orders, Field Service eliminates concerns about “as built” versus “current” site configurations.

Service Call Management

The Service Call Desk provides the ability to log, track, monitor and respond to incoming calls for field service. These functions are managed through a Service Call Workbench which not only handles all incoming field service requests but also performs the following functions:

  • Records complaints and provides diagnosis tools through user-defined diagnostic codes
  • Captures general notes and comments concerning calls and assigns calls an ‘action status.’
  • Creates and maintains a service order for the call and allows the assigning of priorities to service orders.
  • Based on availability and skills, assigns the most appropriate service provider. Additionally, allows the review of a particular service provider’s job queue.
  • Allows the status review of all calls and service orders for a particular customer then provides the escalation of calls to a higher level of support, if needed.
  • Allows firms to review the history of all calls and service orders for a particular customer or group of customers.
  • Closes the “Loop” by providing the ability to suggest and record information relating to follow-up calls made on closed calls.