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Enabling open systems information flow is the key open systems enabler for your business applications, the - External Interface Facility (EIF) provides a powerful tool-set for data mapping and transferring information between and other systems.

External Interface Facility At-A-Glance

Data Exchange Design

  • Input/output table definitions
  • Map data from input to output tables
  • Split input records into multiple output tables
  • Combine multiple input records into a single output table
  • Logic statements for data selection or conversion
  • “Looping” logic for EDI

Manage Table Types

  • Sequential
  • Relational database systems
  • C-ISAM

Table Attributes

  • Logical and physical name
  • Path and table extension
  • Descriptions

Utilities and Installation Options

  • Export or import EIF functions, tables and specifications
  • Execute operating system-level commands from EIF
  • Add new EIF variables to data dictionary
  • Use standard table definitions for EIF external table formats
  • Change security and production status through EIF

Column Attributes

  • Column type definitions including external data variables, segments and record control variables
  • Data formats for alpha, numeric, date, time and user-defined
  • Definition of data storage by column type
  • Define groups of data columns by segment for EDI

Generate Exchange Programs and Tables

  • Create PRO-IV functions and tables
  • Logic debugging aids
  • EIF Data Dictionary
  • Define variables for use in multiple tables
  • Define data attributes
  • Search function for variables
  • Create customized help text

Inquiries and Reports

  • External Tables
  • External Segments
  • External Data Dictionary
  • EIF Functions
  • EIF Function Dictionary
  • EIF Table and Function Cross
  • Reference
  • EIF Variable and Table Cross
  • Reference