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ePublish provides communication management that is flexible, adaptable and easy to implement to accommodate the most demanding information processing requirements. ePublish revolutionizes the way collaborative information is communicated to customers, vendors and business managers. Enhancing the presentation and delivery of business communications through physical documents or electronic presentation, ePublish significantly reduces costs, promotes a professional image, and increases overall business productivity and profitability.

Key Benefits

  • Dynamic Information Exchange
    ePublish can rapidly and intelligently incorporate conditional business logic based upon the data content to present documents that include color, graphics, electronic forms, standard and two-dimensional bar codes and MICR fonts for secure check printing. ePublish also natively supports XML transmission, as well as offers integration with SQL Server Data Transformation Services to define how data should be changed dynamically when moving it between one database to another.
  • Reduced Pre-printed Stationery Costs
    Analysts have demonstrated that for every $1 spent on pre-printed forms, up to $60 is spent on their distribution, handling, replacement, storage and retrieval and general management. ePublish significantly reduces these expenditures and administrative costs while providing a digital bridge to enable their electronic creation, delivery, and storage.

Key Features

ePublish is designed to encourage the collaborative creation of business communications to cover a broad range of e-commerce categories, including business purchasing, value chain trading, direct marketing, selling and customer service and relationship management. For the most part there are no code changes required in or glovia.e as ePublish uses pre-existing outputs.

  • Electronic Document Storage
    ePublish’s Archive provides the capability to store exact replicas of the physical processed documents. With ePublish Viewer, users can search the archive and retrieve documents to be viewed, annotated, re-processed via print, fax, or e-mail, as required.