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Engineering is the architectural cornerstone of Its flexible design lets you define and document your products and services, so that you can respond quickly to product and service changes demanded by the marketplace.

Engineering At-A-Glance

Product and Service Catalog

  • Revision level control by item
  • Extensive text storage options
  • Variable enterprise level policies
  • Product classifications by group technology and commodity code
  • Military specifications
  • Uniform Product Code
  • European Article Number format
  • Foreign language descriptions

Item Planning Data

  • Inventory policies and status
  • Order and delivery policies
  • Planning fences
  • ABC classifications
  • Fixed and variable lead times
  • Engineering change information
  • Unit-of-measure conversions
  • Standard, average and actual costing
  • Drawing references


  • Configurations by operating units and location
  • Standard Operation Routings
  • Alternate routing configurations
  • Alternate operations
  • Machine and labor time by cost center
  • Internal or outside processing support
  • Detailed operations instructions
  • Operation effectivity by date range
  • Operations linked to bill of material components

Bills, Costs and Routing Types

  • Engineering
  • Current
  • Standard
  • Previous standard
  • Future standard
  • Future future standard
  • Simulated

Bills of Materials

  • Configuration control by operating unit and locations
  • Alternate BOMs
  • Lead time offset - component to parent
  • Decimal quantities, including negative values
  • Components linking to routing operations
  • Multiple occurrences of components on a bill
  • Shrink factors
  • Effectivity by date range
  • “Balloon number” reference
  • Reference designators
  • Alternate components
  • Mass component change

Cost Center Information

  • Machine and labor rates
  • Fixed and variable overhead rates
  • Rate effectivity by date range

Work Center Information

  • Labor and machine capacities
  • Capacity effectivity by date range
  • Queue times
  • Efficiency factors