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In your complex market, changes to a product’s bill of material occur frequently. This is true not only in high tech engineering environments, where initial product designs are typically prototypes with evolving bills of material, but in virtually every environment affected by technological advances, changing consumer demand, and fluctuations in the availability of specific components and raw materials.

Given this situation, it is essential that you have the tools to respond quickly and effectively. It is also vital that you choose the most time and cost-effective solution for your business. That’s why provides an intuitive and flexible system that lets you simulate and analyze the effects of a proposed change prior to modifying a product’s configuration. Once you are ready, the system then updates your files helps you adapt to the change within a well-integrated framework.

Engineering Change At-A-Glance

Engineering Change Life Cycle

  • Establish ECN
  • Analyze
  • Approve / Release ECN
  • Execute ECN
  • Track ECN
  • User-defined status

Engineering Change Notice

  • Generate multiple ECNs per item
  • Multiple items per ECN enabling item driven ECNs
  • ECN listing and effectivity dates in Engineering
  • Effectivity date definable by calendar date or SEIBAN number
  • Mass change to all purchase requisitions, including material supply purchase requisitions, work orders, service orders and installation orders
  • Maintenance of component cross-references
  • Classification driven process

Engineering Change Notice Links

  • Engineering
  • Inventory
  • Work Orders
  • Purchase Orders
  • Purchase Requisitions
  • Installation Orders
  • Estimating (Local Structures)
  • Service Orders
  • Material Supply
  • Pro Forma Hierarchies

Change Impact Analysis

  • Review timing impact of operational schedules
  • Review impact of expected costs
  • Interactive alternative simulation analysis to determine “solution” prior to execution of change
  • Planned Orders and Work in Process considered for potential impact of change
  • Analyzes usage of component item impacted by ECN across applications via “links”
  • Identify status of all impacted component items

Bills of Materials

  • Mass component add, change or delete
  • Individual item component change
  • Assembly level add or change
  • Engineer-to-Order and Prototype design environment BOMs facilitated

Tracking Facility

  • Historical ECN record tracking
  • Open ECN tracking
  • Track ECN through simulation and approval process
  • Identification by item number or by ECN
  • Detail of all changes made, item(s), ECN and BOM
  • Inclusive ECN History of user and system maintained changes