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A Powerful, Web-enabled Configuration Solution

eConfigure is the first easy-to-use Web solution for configuring and ordering complex engineered products. With eConfigure, manufacturers can strengthen their customer relationships, and accelerate the business cycle by providing accurate, real-time specifications via any Web browser.

eConfigure delivers both dimensional and engineering functionality, offering manufacturing customers a virtually limitless number of configuration options. eConfigure’s integration to sales and engineering systems calculates pricing in real-time as the customer “shop”. When the customer is finished, eConfigure generates a bill of materials and routing data. The result is a user-friendly shopping experience - and a stronger customer relationship.

eConfigure is an integrated component of glovia.e, the only solution that seamlessly connects enterprises with their customers, employees, partners and suppliers. With its multi-ERP, multi-currency and multilingual capabilities, glovia.e acts as an intermediary at every juncture of the network, allowing information to flow across the enterprise, and beyond.