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In today’s fast, Internet-driven world, ensuring managers, employees, partners, customers and suppliers all receive the information they need in a timely and efficient manner is critical to success.

Business Realities

Customer satisfaction depends on providing accurate, timely information to customers, however they wish to receive it. Even call centers are limited by the availability, rapid access to, and accuracy of the information at their fingertips. DocsOnline gives your salespeople, customer service personnel, call center staff and your customers direct, secure access to all relevant information instantly from their browser


Critical business processes depend on the timely flow of document-based information to the right employees and suppliers. Few organizations can realistically provide their employees with access to all different internal systems due to licensing costs, training, support, security, location and other issues. Instead employees rely on the output from these systems, which often has to be physically distributed, and is rarely available from one central location.


DocsOnline provides enterprise-wide, web-browser access to all your organization’s business documents regardless of the application that created it. Documents can quickly and easily be stored, located, viewed and retrieved regardless of the time of day or geographic location.

How Does it Work?

DocsOnline is a secure document repository that provides access to documents 24 hours a day over an intranet, extranet, or the world wide web using Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape browsers from any location in the world. Using web browsers to access the user interface means there is no additional software required on client machines, reducing your cost of implementation and obtaining a faster return on investment.

Intelligent Scalability

Users have the ability to add annotations to documents and these annotations are stored with the document for easy retrieval. A user may create an Engineering Change Notice, for example, and ePublish will automatically store the original ECN in the DocsOnline repository as well as emailing approvers that there is a new ECN in the system and approval is required. Approvers can review the document in full, add notes, email it to colleagues and collaborate in a way that is simply not possible with a paper document. The documents can be delivered in multiple standard formats such as XML, Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF) and standard Microsoft Office documents.