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Your contracts with customers set their expectations for delivery and performance. - Contract Management helps you develop contracts with realistic schedules and profitable pricing. To improve your internal operations, the system simplifies and accelerates contract development and increases accuracy and consistency

Contract Management At-A-Glance

Sales View

  • Job Identification
  • Price to be paid
  • Quantity to be delivered
  • Delivery date

Materials View

  • Defines materials by line item
  • General to specific detail structure Service View
  • Defines services to be delivered

Delivery View

  • Defines materials items and quantities that must be shipped

Pricing Methods

  • Calculated Amount based on rolled up list prices
  • Calculated Amount based on rolled up costs plus margin
  • Manually maintained
  • Amount derived from Sales Catalog

Billing View

  • Enables Progress Billing
  • Enables Mixed Event Billing
  • Establishes Billing Milestones
  • Establishes Billing Triggers

Inquiries and Reports

  • Contract Detail
  • Contract History