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Timely and accurate billing is the lifeline of any business. - Billing provides a completely integrated application for automatically generating essential customer billing documents.

Billing At-A-Glance

Billing Documents

  • Creation of invoices, credit and debit memos
  • Direct on-line creation or off-line batch generation mode
  • Batch selection by sales order, customer, or all available orders
  • Multiple sales orders per invoice
  • Comments on header, line and bottom of document
  • Customer billing location
  • System- or user-assigned document control numbers
  • Currency with exchange rates
  • Item and service number, description and quantities shipped
  • Extended monetary amounts for costs and prices in detail and total
  • Additional charges and expenses
  • Discount calculation
  • Sales, excise, use or VAT tax
  • Packing, shipping and bill of lading information
  • Accounting codes for integrated financial postings

Fiscal Calendar Period Roll

  • Confirm new fiscal period control dates
  • Define dates for secured out-of-period transactions
  • Roll to new fiscal year

Document Printing

  • On-line mode for printing selected documents
  • Off-line batch mode by queue for volume printing
  • Duplicate billing without general ledger posting

Billing Polices and Controls

  • Odometer for invoices, credit and debit memos
  • User-defined aging periods
  • Service charge options
  • Multi-level sales tax
  • Value-added tax policies

Inquiries and Reports

  • Individual Invoice with Document Search
  • Individual Credit and Debit Memo with Document Search
  • Billing Document Register
  • Tax Detail
  • Tax Summary
  • Period Financial Impact
  • Odometers and Policies
  • Billing Authorization