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The Audit Manager allows the full audit/traceability of changes to the key business data elements for the enterprise. This module logs the full history of change to any policy, calculation, or other business critical data. The database audit facility is generic, thus applicable to any of the modules or non-Glovia/external modules that cause change to the data.

Audit Manager At-A-Glance

Audit Inquiry Details

The data elements that are displayed for the audited table are:

  • The date and time of the change
  • The GLOVIA operator that performed the change
  • The type of update (add, change, or delete)
  • The keys of the table that changed
  • The columns of the table that changed (showing both the value of the column before the change and the value after the change)

Filtering Capabilities

It is possible to search the audit log via the following criteria:

  • Keys (allows the log to be searched for specific records by key)
  • Columns (allows the log to be searched only for columns that have been selected in the inquiry, that have undergone change)
  • Other (date, time, operator, and mode)