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The - Advanced Planning System is a memory resident planning tool that allows the user to plan simultaneously against the constraints of capacity, inventory, tooling, and skills. It also supports full optimization algorithms, either to reduce set up times or to improve flow through complex processes. The APS can be used in several ways within Glovia ERP. In the live environment, instant re-optimization after a machine breakdown or inventory shortage is possible. In the medium term the APS will optimize Glovia CPO’s, balancing inventory requirements to actual planned operations. In this mode multiple simulations may be run and compared to find the best possible plan. In the long term, based on MPS forecasts, the APS will highlight bottlenecks and answer long term capacity questions.

Real-time Planning

Many APS solutions require the export & import of data. Glovia APS is built in to the heart of the Glovia database infrastructure and the planning is performed on a single data set. Whilst the plan is resident in memory, it is always kept current by the communications server. This server detects changes in the database and reflects these changes in the plan. Similarly, if more than one planner is working the system keeps all plans in perfect synchronization

Capable to Promise

In any Sales situation, ‘What date can I have?” is often the burning question. Now, from either a stand-alone screen or from within Sales Orders or Sales Quotes, a user can ‘ask’ the system for the best delivery date. Simply by entering an item number and the quantity required, the item and all its components will be sent to the APS engine for planning. This plan will be run on top of all existing commitments. Almost immediately, a date is returned to the user, being the earliest possible delivery date for the item based on the Capacity, Inventory, Tooling and Skill constraints defined in the system.


The ability to create the perfect plan is one thing, communicating that plan to the shop floor for execution is another. - APS has been designed to sit at the heart of a MES (Manufacturing Execution System). In this module, shop floor terminals, either conventional or touch-screen, identify operators, establish their normal place of work, and interrogate the APS for the correct current work queue at that work center. The operator simply selects the correct item from the list which will ‘start’ the operation. Additional data, drawings, work instructions, etc. can be called up from the remote terminal.

All the details recorded at this terminal update the APS plan in real time for planning purposes (orders are immediately seen as ‘in progress’ in the plan) and are fed through for costing and other operational purposes in

Simulation and Comparison

In almost any planning scenario, a compromise is being sought. The requirements for optimized set ups, minimum Inventory, minimum operating cost, maximum throughput and maximum customer satisfaction rarely go hand in hand. Optimization at one resource can potentially create WIP queues at other resources and minimum Inventory levels often conflict with the ability to satisfy orders.

Some of these variables can be compared in pure monetary terms. Others cannot. Glovia APS provides the user with a factor-weighting table so that the value of ‘intangibles’ can be compared and the best operating plan at any particular time selected.

APS Information

With the very detailed information available within the - APS system, then new management information becomes available.

Imagine the power for the Sales Department of seeing all sales order promise dates with the actual current projected delivery dates.

For the Plant Manager, information is never more than a few clicks away. “Available Capacity in the Machine Shop next month?” Got it. “Load on CNC Milling tomorrow?” Got it.

“Machine 2 is down for 24 hours, give me a new optimized plan and what will we lose?” 30 seconds and you’ve got it!