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Through a very easy to understand graphical interface, ActionDESK provides each employee with an up-to-date snapshot which shows how current activities in the business affect that particular employee’s daily activities and priorities. ActionDESK provides an employee with an immediate list of what they should work on, what can be delegated and what issues need immediate attention. And from that list, the employee can then take action necessary to avoid delays in the business.

Color Coding

Different colors are assigned to each task and are used to represent varying degrees of importance. Yellow tasks signify that you are on top or your job and there are no issues that need your attention. Red tasks signify that there are issues pending which need your immediate attention. Green indicates that you are currently handling an urgent issue.

How Does it Work?

Each user is assigned to a team (a person can also be assigned to more than one team). A team is assigned a list of predefined responsibilities. Each of those responsibilities is then linked to appropriate action which need to be taken in order to handle that responsibility.


For example, an employee is assigned to the Purchasing Team. Responsibilities for the Purchasing Team include dealing with late orders, handling orders for approval, and handling requisitions for conversion. In order to perform these responsibilities, this employee must be able to do the following: approve orders, convert requisitions, and perform an inquiry on an order. This information is then used to configure that particular employee’s ActionDESK.

Management Tool

A configured ActionDESK can also be created for a manager. A manager does not want to constantly monitor all the details of the operation, they would rather manage by exception and know which issues need their immediate and focused attention. Perhaps some of these urgent tasks need to be delegated. This can be accomplished quickly and easily with ActionDESK.

Tasks by Importance

With ActionDESK, delivers timely information about the exceptions within a business and puts the appropriate tools for resolution at the user’s fingertips. The actions associated with each responsibility are user defined and can vary by the team role. In addition, a user can have a personal set of inquiries and actions that follow them around in whatever role they are playing and whatever responsibility they are assuming. For example, even in the middle of resolving a customer complaint, a manager could temporarily switch to his personal items to release an order on Credit Hold.

ActionDESK is flexible in design and can be set up according to a company’s requirements. Users, Teams, Responsibilities and Actions are not fixed by the system. They are all configurable to suit the business needs and the business flow of a company.

ActionDESK brings information flow and visibility to The power of ERP is unleashed in the workplace.