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Effective management of payables has a direct impact on profitability. With the proper controls in place, such as scheduling payments to take advantage of supplier discounts, you can significantly lower your purchasing costs. Accounts Payable helps you establish the necessary controls within a well-structured accounting framework.

Accounts Payable At-A-Glance

Invoice Processing

  • Invoice processing and approval individually or by batch
  • Material supply item processing
  • Currencies and exchange rates with date effectivity
  • Automated financial distributions with templates and recurring account masters
  • Multi-division expense distributions
  • Value-Added Tax (VAT) and Japanese Consumption Tax (JCT)
  • Direct allocation of supplier charges to Projects
  • IDirect charges to work orders
  • On-screen balancing to manage incomplete distributions
  • Discounts and net due dates calculated automatically
  • Manage 1099 reporting
  • Multiple payment hold capabilities
  • Optional deferred vouchering
  • Automatic calculation of purchase price variances
  • Automated pay-on-receipt invoices for JIT vendors
  • Posting by prior, current and future period
  • Duty and customs information for reporting

Supplier Payments

  • Variable selection of invoices by bank or payment date, or by date or supplier
  • Individual and batch invoice processing and approval
  • Automated ayment queue for invoicing by user-defined criteria
  • Display of eligible suppliers, invoices, amounts, currency
  • Centralized or decentralized payments
  • Handwritten and external checks
  • Interactive bank reconciliation
  • Payment scheduling

Supplier Information

  • Supplier name and address in international format
  • Multiple location types
  • Unlimited supplier text and use of notepad
  • Variable payment terms and methods
  • Supplier bank information
  • Selection of preferred currency and language
  • Sales tax, VAT, JCT controls
  • Supplier contacts, names and memo information
  • Supplier history
  • 1099 information

Periodic Payables Processing

  • Recurring invoice release for monthly rent,insurance, etc.
  • Pay-on-receipt capability invoices for vouchered receipts
  • Revaluation documents based on currency rate changes

Fiscal Period Rolls

  • Cash disbursement control dates and secured periods
  • Invoice control dates and secured periods
  • Roll year-to-date purchases and payments to history

Inquiries and Reports

  • Individual Vendor With Search
  • Individual Document With Search
  • Pre-Payment Processing Exceptions
  • Pre-Payment Register
  • Open Invoice Register
  • Aged Invoices and Invoice History
  • Discounts Taken or Lost
  • Account Distributions
  • Vendor Information
  • Name and Address Labels
  • VAT, JCT History
  • Federal 1099 Information
  • Bank Reconciliation
  • Currency Revaluation Remittance
  • Register
  • Period Financial Impact