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CashInsight Suite

A web‑based cash management software system designed by Glory Global Solutions.
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The CashInsight Suite transforms the way branches operate and how branch planning decisions are made, reducing barriers to implementation of new cash handling technologies and creating a communication platform to significantly enhance productivity and profitability.

The CashInsight solution addresses four major needs in the implementation of cash handling automation and branch revitalization:

Integration: simple, flexible and comprehensive integration to teller transaction platforms Management: remote monitoring of cash automation systems Service and support optimization: remote management solutions Actionable business intelligence: to support staff and cash optimization

We designed CashInsight Suite specifically for these needs, ensuring that our clients can operate in the most effective, cost-efficient branch environment possible.

The CashInsight Suite is a powerful framework that links previously isolated systems to each other with tools that fit your existing environment, require minimum infrastructure investment and offer long-term return on investment.

CashInsight puts the right capabilities and information in the right hands for action and results.

Functionality Modules

CashInsight Inform Managing the volume movement of banknotes across banks and financial institutions represents a significant logistical and cost management challenge. The issues addressed…

CashInsight Assure Assure is the new benchmark in teller connectivity applications. It provides highly effective and efficient control of cash automation devices – for example handling primary…

CashInsight Bridge Bridge enables comprehensive management and monitoring of remote devices, across the branch, region or whole network. Bridge improves operational availability of your systems…

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