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Actually, it’s not about us at all – never has been. Since the founding of Glocent in 2001, it has always been all about you, our client. As our current clients will tell you, we take the extra time to get to know you and the challenges you face each day as you work to administer incentive compensation within your organization. We work diligently as part of your team to help you meet these challenges, automate the processes and add full transparency. The return on your investment with Glocent is often immediate, with reduced time and resource requirements and the money saved by always paying incentive payments accurately and on time.


After years of building and maintaining Customer Relationship Management, Billing and Compensation Systems, Glocent founder Alan Marrott realized that the final frontier in business software solutions was Incentive Compensation Management. With 25 years of experience in the IT industry, Marrott formed Glocent in 2001 in response to this need for an incentive compensation management solution that would let businesses focus on improving sales rather than implementing compensation systems.


Glocent’s product development team spent two years developing Glocent, first as a client-server application, then as a web-based application. Our first major client was Time Warner Cable, who jumped on the chance to automate their sales incentive compensation system with an accurate, always on-time solution. According to Mark Troller, VP of IT Operations at Time Warner New York, Glocent provided their sales team with “a tool which brings powerful automation to a process which has always been manual, resource intensive and prone to error.”


Six years after the company’s founding, Glocent introduced its web-based model of Glocent ICM to the global market. This innovative web-based Glocent ICM allows users to access the incentive compensation system from anywhere using a simple web browser. The ease of use and superior customer support provided by Glocent ICM has impressed clients in many countries around the world.


Today, Glocent has global clients in many industries, including recruiting, real estate, software, energy, insurance, transportation, communications, finance and manufacturing. Clients from all over the world can support their sales team with Glocent’s accurate and reliable incentive management solution.

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