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Organizations benefit greatly from a complete purchasing process that supports operations and tracks investments in capital expenditures. Keeping tabs on how much is going out the door can be challenging.

GCE Purchasing manages the entire purchasing process including review, approval, ordering, and delivery receipt. It allows managers to operate independently while maintaining the necessary accounting and financial controls.

Streamline Purchase Document Creation

A user-friendly interface guides you through the creation process and ensures complete and consistent records. General information is pre-populated based on user profiles. Attach quotes or agreements for reference. Create templates for recurring purchases.

Quickly Generate Detailed Purchase Orders

An approved purchase request is easily converted to create a purchase order to be sent to a vendor. It contains all the necessary detail to reconcile invoices back to the purchase order for processing.

Establish an Approval Chain and Control Access

Control the individuals required to review and approve purchases at various levels. Start with your supervisor and end with finance review. Assign users role-based privileges which also have the ability to reject purchases that are unauthorized or have insufficient research / supporting documentation.

Improve Approval Times with Flexible Workflows

Assign single or multiple approvers depending on the type and dollar amount of the purchase requested. Email notifications alert the next approver when purchase documents are automatically routed to them for review. Approvers can review documents ‘on the go’ using mobile capabilities.

Verify Budget Balance in Real-Time

Perform a check of your budget during the purchase approval process and create a record of who approved the purchase and the date. Purchases cannot be approved if your budget for that expense is out of money.

Generate an Audit Trail

Audit logs display a complete history for each document. Simple and advanced search features enable you to save time by quickly locating important information. Users can check the status of purchase documents at any time.

Easily Receive Goods and Services

The receipt of goods/services is linked directly to a purchase order to validate the existence of an authorized purchase. Fully or partially accept receipt of goods and services while creating the necessary accrual to ensure completeness in expenses and liabilities.

Decentralize the Purchasing Process

Allow managers to own the business function in order to operate independently while maintaining the necessary accounting and financial controls.

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