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Labor costs are one of the largest expenses an organization incurs. GCE Labor Management enables you to get accurate and detailed information on your labor dollars to help you make critical business decisions about your workforce.

Load your Payroll Data with Ease

Our robust payroll interface engine assembles and loads your payroll data from any payroll provider, which allows more payroll detail into the system for better budget and reporting purposes. Dedicated payroll reports allow you to reconcile expenses as they are recorded.

Ensure Accurate and Consistent Accounting

Not only is your payroll consistently recorded and properly recorded in your GL, your payroll is mapped to the designated accounting lines in order to provide an extensive multi-dimensional tagging of payroll expenses.

Create Accurate Accruals and Projections

Utilize your most recent pay period data to create accruals that take weekends and holidays into account.

Apply Project Costing Data

Tag your payroll data for project and cost accounting purposes using flexible accounting lines. Payroll data is loaded directly through the Project Accounting Solution or interfaced directly from the General Ledger. Allocation templates automatically divide resource costs across multiple projects and tasks.

Reporting and Analytics

Accurate and detailed reporting provides you with a deeper understanding of where your labor dollars are going and greatly aids in making critical business decisions about your workforce. Proper tagging lays the foundation for understanding and interpreting your payroll data.

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