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The general ledger is the central repository for all of the accounting events that happen across your enterprise. You need a set of books that seamlessly accommodates increased compliance and reporting as your organization grows. The GCE General Ledger provides a flexible, multi-dimensional accounting structure to accommodate all of your business needs.

Enhanced Accounting Structure

Take advantage of an extensive general ledger that features an accounting line structure to improve the way transactions are recorded and analyzed. The accounting line provides many distinct, multi-dimensional fields that expand your ability to classify and track transactions for extensive reporting capabilities.

Gain Insight into your Financial Data

Tag data and derive multiple reports from a single transaction. Identify activities that matter most to the organization and group transactions by divisions or locations while maintaining a consolidated financial statement.

Achieve Full Compliance

The accounting line provides multiple fields to accommodate different compliance demands, such as DCAA, so you can have all of the proper tagging. Don’t limit your organization by only being compliant in one facet or partially compliant in a couple.

Balance Between Sub Ledger and General Ledger

Each module has its own sub ledger to record activity before loading into the general ledger. Reconcile and ensure the integrity of your general ledger.

Improve Your Closing Process

Establish templates that are automatically loaded for recurring journal entries. Make your closing process faster, easier, and more accurate.

Flexible Accounting that Grows with You

As your organization grows, you will be faced with increasing internal and external demands — you need a set of books that seamlessly accommodates your current and future needs. GCE provides the accounting package today to meet future demands.

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