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GCE Financial Statements and Audit helps you produce timely and accurate financial information for your external stakeholders like analysts, banks, and auditors, who have a vested interest in how well you manage your financial health. Our system sits on top of Oracle Financials, a recognized, industry leading accounting package.

Establish a Reputation of Financial Maturity

The financial system you use says a lot about the integrity of your financial statements and the seriousness with which your organization views financial management.

Quickly Produce Financial Statements

Make iterative changes and immediately review the impact on your financial statements. With the ability to quickly see changes, the financial statement process becomes more fluid and continuous – even with a vast general ledger.

Recognize the Benefits of a Robust Financial System

Reporting periods experience high volume with the need to meet important deadlines. As your organization grows, it’s important to have a system that can accommodate more users and transaction volume in order to withstand a dramatic increase in demand without sacrificing performance.

Simplify the Auditing Process

Established accounting entries ensures consistent recording in the system with no external access or influence to manipulate data. Extensive reporting and data extracts are designed specifically for auditors to quickly access the information they need and/or respond to inquiries.

Establish an Audit Trail

All transactions and journal entries are automatically mapped back to a user with the date and time of any changes. Being able to trace entries back to the transaction source makes researching audit inquiries quick and easy.

Control Access to Your Financial Data

Defined user roles limit access to sensitive financial data so you are always in control. Financial statements maintain integrity even amongst business process users. Have confidence that you are in control of who can view or access sensitive financial data even though you’ve granted access to many business process owners.

Be Confident in your Data

Auditors will ask for supporting documents to verify balances. Feel confident in our extensive reporting tools that you can quickly prepare and respond to any inquiries.

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