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GCE Enterprise Reports and Analytics allows you to search, analyze, and visualize data in real-time to get actionable information for making better business decisions. Produce relevant and accurate reports that make sense of all your financial data by leveraging our distinct, multi-dimensional accounting line structure.

Access Information Immediately with Standard Reports

Quickly and easily run over fifty pre-configured standard reports to analyze company performance or drill down to a particular business process. Generate dashboards to monitor performance and trends over time.

Experience Unlimited Reporting Capabilities

Create, format, schedule, and publish your own customized reports with ad hoc reporting. Set your own parameters based on available data in the system for a virtually limitless number of reports. Plus, take advantage of existing report parameters created by other users.

Robust Report Generation

As your organization grows it becomes important to have a system that can accommodate more users and transaction volume in order to withstand a dramatic increase in demand without sacrificing performance.

Evaluate Project and Cost Accounting

Analyze the accumulated costs in running a division or project and measure whether performance is aligned with the budget. Ensure that overhead rates are current and accurate.

Stand Behind Your Reports

Have confidence in your data through our tracking and control mechanisms. The accounting line and logic ensure consistency in transactions and our user access controls ensure integrity.

Collaborate Across your Organization

Export reports in multiple formats including CSV, Excel, HTML, and PDF. Save important or common report parameters for future execution in your ‘favorites’ folder.

Visualize Performance with Executive Dashboards

Visually monitor performance and trends over a period of time with executive dashboards.

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"Enterprise Reports and Analytics" is part of the GCE Financial Accounting Service line of products, developed by GCE.

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