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Get more out of your budget. GCE Budgeting utilizes your corporate budget as a financial control and gives you flexibility in the way you manage spending in order to quickly adapt to your evolving business needs. You can apply budgeted dollars to different activities and the tool helps manage your performance.

Allow Managers to Own Their Budget

Reduce dependence on the finance / accounting department by giving company stakeholders real-time management and insight into their available budget.

Distribute your Budget

Apply budgeted dollars at a high level or distribute to specific activities to function as a financial control while continuously managing performance against objectives.

Set Spending Limits

Identify spending trends with built in reports and monitors to signal warnings when spending approaches the defined thresholds and overall budget limits.

Flexibility and Adaptability

Quickly reassign budgeted dollars from one category to another, and increase or decrease budgets as the business changes.

Control Budget Access

For strengthening internal controls and data security, assign privileges to members of your organization based on the access they require.

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