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Keeping accurate tabs on all of your assets is no small task. The value of your organization’s assets is substantial and can represent millions of dollars.

GCE Asset Management enables you to financially monitor, track, and account for your organization’s assets from acquisition to disposal. Demonstrate to auditors and stakeholders that you have a process in place to manage the assets

Record and Track your Assets

Assign an asset type, location information, and identification numbers for easier identification, tracking, and reconciliation of your capitalized assets.

Monitor your Assets

Generate reports that organize your assets by type and identification numbers to maintain status and accuracy for financial reporting, audit purposes, and protect against theft and loss.

Automatic Depreciation

Establish the acquisition cost, salvage value, and useful life of the asset. Set a depreciation method to automatically depreciate your assets each month and record the balances to your general ledger.

Other Applications

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"Asset Management" is part of the GCE Financial Accounting Service line of products, developed by GCE.

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