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The lifeblood of any business is the ability to manage cash, ensuring that receivables are generated and collected in a timely manner. Having an accurate picture of your collections is critical for the accounting department as well as for other stakeholders such as the management team and sales department. Real-time information about outstanding receivables determines your cash position, and is necessary for making important business decisions. Don’t underestimate the value of accurate billing as part of your customer service.

GCE Accounts Receivable provides the functionality you need to efficiently manage your business and features a streamlined billing process for the creation, processing, and collection of customer invoices.

Electronically Create Invoices

Detailed invoices are automatically generated and prepared in your format for swift email distribution. Get your bills out quicker so you can get paid faster.

Organize and Track your Miscellaneous Collections

Create different classifications of collections so that the proper accounts are consistently credited.

Track Collection and Reimbursement History

Utilize a variety of reports to manage your receivable aging and reduce your cash cycle time. Dashboards provide real-time snapshots of key factors such as receivables aging by business unit.

Ensure Revenue Recognition

The integrated AR and Revenue function of Oracle ensures revenue is recognized in the proper period.

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"Accounts Receivable" is part of the GCE Financial Accounting Service line of products, developed by GCE.

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