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At GCE, we understand that processing invoices and managing accounts payable can be a significant cost of doing business. GCE Accounts Payable offers a comprehensive invoice workflow integrated in real-time for the seamless processing, tracking, and payment of bills.

Our system currently processes nearly 300,000 invoices a year and pays roughly $25 billion worth of bills for our customers. In fact, we’ve helped our customers quickly and dramatically reduce the cost of paying their invoices by millions of dollars with a service that enforces strong internal controls, automates portions of the process, and replaces paper with electronic documents.

Eliminate Paper with Electronic Documents

Scan or email paper invoices into one central application. Review, approve, edit, track, and electronically route digital documents while ensuring against loss, damage, or misfiling. Quickly search across an electronic database and retrieve detailed copies of invoices from prior months or years in order to answer vendor or auditor questions.

Establish Payment Controls and Audit Trails

Payment controls require an approved purchase order and receipt in order to process and pay an invoice. Roles and privileges ensure that the preparer and approver cannot be the same and audit logs record the user, date, and time of any change. Add approval requirements for payments over a certain amount.

Visually Track Your Invoices

Visual workflows give you insight and control over the entire invoice lifecycle. No longer manually route invoices through the office and run the risk of lost invoices, payment delay, or not recording a transaction in the system. Dashboards provide executives with actionable information to manage cash and productivity.

Control When a Bill is Paid

Clear bottlenecks and provide a quick payment status response to inquiring vendors. Take advantage of vendor accelerated payment terms.

Keep Payments Timely

Identify the status of an invoice in the approval process and prioritize or reroute those at risk for delay. Set payment term thresholds and email notifications to highlight urgent invoices becoming due in order to avoid late payments. Proactively improve your DUNS and credit rating.

Give Management More Insight

An electronic invoice with all of the billing detail is at the manager’s fingertips for review and approval. Managers are able to make more informed decisions and ensure accurate payments.

Convert Manual Processes to Oversight

Accounts payable becomes more of a management function rather than strictly a processing function. Monitor the status of an invoice in the approval process and specifically target those at risk for delay.

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