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GCE Financial Accounting Service

A web‑based software system designed by GCE.
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The GCE Financial Accounting Service is a complete finance and accounting software solution powered by the Oracle eBusiness Suite – the tool of choice for more than 80,000 Oracle business application customers worldwide. For both growing and established companies who want to quickly upgrade their financial accounting capabilities, the GCE Financial Accounting Service delivers a powerful set of tools that manage finances more efficiently, with improved accuracy and integrity of financial data, and better data analytics for rapid, real-time decision making.


The GCE Financial Accounting Solution is pre-built and pre-configured. You can access a complete finance and accounting software suite that is ready to go. We will make small configurations to match your business processes and migrate your legacy data so implementation takes months, not years.


The GCE Financial Accounting Solution’s intuitive, streamlined interfaces increase accuracy and efficiency by automating routine operational functions to ensure complete and consistent records. Visual workflows give you insight and control over the entire financial event’s lifecycle. Your workforce becomes more of a management function rather than strictly a processing function, giving you the ability to handle future transactional volume increases.


Our on-boarding process speeds up implementation so you are up and running in months, not years. We know change is scary – that’s why we are with you every step of the way to make sure your implementation and on-boarding is stress-free.

Our experienced customer care team provides ongoing support and is available to answer your questions, proactively monitor your business, provide recommendations as you grow and resolve even the most complex issues.

Data and Analytics

Empower rapid business decision-making without compromising stringent financial integrity and controls. The GCE Financial Accounting Solution offers data mining tools and advanced reporting functionality to gain greater granularity and visibility into your data to make informed, real-time business decisions.

Additional Services

As a complete financial system provider, GCE has the experience and expertise to provide additional services and the support your finance / accounting department may need.

Popular Functionality Modules

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Complete Functionality Module List

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