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Gain instant access to accurate financial data to make better business decisions. Reporting and Analytics lets you search, analyze, and visualize data in real-time with executive dashboards and reports. Rest assured that information presented in your executive dashboards is accurate because data is always pulled from the authoritative source.

Real-Time Business Insights

Gain instant access to accurate financial data. Quickly and easily run standard reports by business process or use the Ad Hoc Query tool to create, format, schedule, and publish customized reports in multiple formats including CSV, Excel, HTML, and PDF. Save important or common report parameters in your executive dashboard for future execution.

Business intelligence reporting includes approximately one hundred pre-configured reports and is designed with built-in Federal reporting standards. These reports meet the needs of the varied user communities.

Reports are delivered to users 24/7 by utilizing a dedicated segment of the GCE processing grid in its clustered database architecture, dynamically scaling to meet reporting demands. Robust real-time business views are built-in directly on top of the transactional database to provide the end users with quick, up-to-the-minute information. Built on robust, simplified business views consisting of standard reports, ad hoc reports, and dashboards, the Services allow users to query information without needing technical knowledge of the underlying data elements.

Financial Reports

A full suite of Federal financial reporting services are available including Consolidated Financial Statements, and General Ledger Trial Balance Reports, currently in use by our existing government customers. Financial statements are generated on demand or scheduled as needed directly out of the authoritative core financial system. Financial reports are validated by our accounting support team led by Cotton & Company LLP.

Operational Reports

All operational reports are driven by user roles and responsibilities, and security profiles. End Users, Procurement Staff, Finance Staff, and Property Custodians customarily use online queries and standard canned reports, while Management Staff, Program Administrators, and Power Users customarily use standard reports, ad hoc reports, dashboards, and financial reports.

Standard Reports

Reports are available in multiple business function areas such as Procurement, Finance, Property, and Accounts Payable. The easy-to-use reports are self service, real-time, and parameter driven. Report parameters can be saved for future execution with the save report search criteria feature. All reports can be exported to MS Excel, PDF, HTML, and CSV formats.

Ad-Hoc Query Tool

The advanced Ad Hoc Query tool can create, format, schedule, and publish reports to support specific user needs with capability to allow unlimited access to all financial information in the system. Ad hoc users can design reports from scratch using various business view folders with an intuitive, easy-to-use ad hoc navigation tool. Ad hoc Reports can be saved in users’ private folders and public folders.

Data Extracts

The data extracts service is ready for use on Day One, utilizing industry standard CSV and XML formats, and features a wide range of pre-existing data extracts. The data extracts can be requested as a scheduled extract or on demand and can be downloaded through the GCE secure FTP servers.

Other Applications

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"Federal Reporting and Analytics" is part of the GCE Federal Financial Management Solution line of products, developed by GCE.

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