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Procurement supports the entire lifecycle of contracts, purchase orders, purchase cards, requisitions, inter-agency agreements and other accepted acquisition forms and processes.

Save Time with the User-Friendly Interface

User-friendly interfaces guide you through the process of creating procurement documents and pre-populated information based on user profiles. You can even save templates for recurring purchases. Simple and advanced search features enable you to quickly locate information and documents, thus saving you valuable time.

Improve Purchase Cycle Times

Approvers are automatically notified by email when an obligation is created and can approve or reject documents ‘on the go’ using mobile capabilities.

Real-Time Funds Check

Integration between the procurement and core accounting promotes strong internal controls that verify the remaining balance on accounting lines and prevents users from spending unavailable funds. You get full support for the entire life-cycle of contracts, purchase orders, inter-agency agreements, and other accepted acquisition forms and processes. Functionalities include creation of purchase requisitions and miscellaneous obligations integrated in real-time with the general ledger and processing of purchase cards and card purchases. It is accessible to users across applications and provides an intuitive search engine. Requisitions, contracts, purchase orders, inter-agency agreements and other obligation documents are recorded in real-time and do not require duplicate data entry. All validations are performed in real-time and error notifications to the end user are available in real-time.

FPD – Requisitions & Simplified Acquisitions

Developed by GCE, the Federal Procurement Desktop (FPD) is a set of business modules that provide users with an easy-to-use interface for performance of daily activities and has out-of-the-box integration with the Federal government’s leading acquisition and requisition management systems, FPDS-NG, CCR, FedBizOpps, ORCA,, and FedConnect. FPD services tens of thousands of users.

Contract Writing

The GCE contract writing tool enables Federal government agencies to effectively manage the complete acquisition lifecycle, from initial planning and requisitioning through to award and closeout. The Federal customer is also able to receive regular FAR updates and stay up-to-date with regulations via the application.

Vendor Management

The system is integrated with the Central Contractor Registration database (CCR) for all commercial vendors. Updates are processed daily. Non-CCR vendor and employee management is also supported. You can generate 1099 reports for each calendar year, which are sent to both the vendors and the IRS.

Purchase Cards

The credit card reconciliation tool captures obligation data from the field and eases the reconciliation of credit card transactions with their associated bank statements. Posted daily, these transactions provide the most accurate status possible of funds data. Data easily maps to various file formats from service providers participating in the GSA Smart Pay purchase card program. Payments are processed daily to maximize rebates. Built-in approval workflows automatically route the purchase logs and reconciliation documents for approval with automatic email notifications to both card holder and approval chain. Audit reporting of transactions and review of account activity is provided.

Other Applications

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"Federal Procurement" is part of the GCE Federal Financial Management Solution line of products, developed by GCE.

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