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Core Accounting is your general ledger and budgeting tool where all of your financial transactions are recorded automatically, determined by rules-based accounting. Set up and control your accounting information in one intuitive application – eliminating redundant data entry.

Transform your Accounting Team

Transition your staff from operational tasks to transaction verification with automatic generation, posting, and reversal of journal entries across multiple ledgers.

Manage Budgets

Develop and record budgets while continuously tracking funds. Quickly distribute funds across multiple budget levels and easily control spending by assigning monetary limitations at each level. Tight budgetary controls allow you to effectively manage your finances and ensure accurate reporting.

At fiscal year opening, Continuing Resolutions (CRs) are loaded and made available for spending. At fiscal year end, carryover funds are rolled over and made available for the next fiscal year. A funds check is performed on all transactions in real-time in order to ensure availability. The detailed Funds Status report provides a real-time view of all spending activity.

General Ledger Management

Record all debits and credits in the general ledger for every transaction generated from a subsidiary ledger or from an interfacing system. Provide payroll management, journal voucher management, accounting period maintenance, and data integrity reporting features. Reports are generated and validated by the accounting team on a daily basis to ensure no abnormalities exist.

Manual Journal Vouchers

Year-end and audit-related adjustments that are recorded using manual journal vouchers are attached with complete supporting documentation and recorded with predefined JV templates compliant with the Treasury USSGL. Built-in approval workflows mandate review and approval for all manual journals thereby enforcing internal controls and built-in validations.

Accounting Period Maintenance

Fiscal year calendars are pre-configured and operational with 15 accounting periods as per the latest FSIO guidance.

Payroll Management

A robust Federalized payroll engine lets you easily map to various file formats from other payroll providers with capabilities to process payroll files, to record payments, receivables and collections, and payroll adjustments.

Travel Management

Manage the business travel management process from authorizations to payments, providing capability to record travel authorizations, advances, and vouchers. Travelers can enter trip details while recording travel authorizations and attach additional documentation. Links to GSA travel regulation documentation on the Travel Authorization screen provide travelers with the allowed rates and assists travel approvers in verifying expenses before making authorizations. The Advance and Voucher modules provide the capability to record advances and vouchers on behalf of employees. The system does not provide a full-scale, out-of-the-box travel management system that fully enforces Federal travel regulations. Customers typically use a third-party travel management system that is fully integrated in real time with the system.

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