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GivingFuel gives you the ability to set up recurring donations on any of your online giving forms with a few simple clicks. Inside GivingFuel, they give you a subscription dashboard that shows you every recurring donation. You can manage, edit, pause, delete and update any detail within seconds.

The combinations are endless for how you can set your recurring giving options. GivingFuel gives you unlimited online donation campaigns so you can try any number of combinations to see what your donors prefer.

Common ways to use recurring online donations:

  • Donor Decides: The most flexible option for donors is to give to allow them to specify the amount and also the frequency. You can give donors several intervals to choose from including daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly or yearly and everything in between.
  • Preset Interval or Amount: One of our most popular online giving campaigns is Not For Sale’s campaign to raise $28 dollars a month to emancipate people in slavery. It’s been wildly successful in raising money and awareness to human trafficking. If you have a target monthly amount and interval, you can easily set it in GivingFuel.
  • Recurring with an Additional One-Time Amount: Give donors the ability to give a one-time gift AND a separate recurring gift at the same time. This is common if people want to give an addition one time amount separate from their recurring pledge. They do all the math and scheduling for you making it simple and easy for you and your donors.
  • Future Start Date: Let your donors choose which day of the month they want their recurring donation to be drawn from their account by specifying their preferred start date. They pre-authorize the payment to verify it’s authenticity and then schedule it to be processed with your other recurring donations.
  • Max Number of Donations: If your fundraising campaign is for a target amount or date, you can specify a maximum number of recurring donation cycles to occur for donors. It’s ideal for donors who want to discontinue their recurring pledge after a year or a specific number of donations.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Recurring Giving:

"Recurring Giving" is part of the GivingFuel line of products, developed by Webconnex.