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Did you hear that donating has become hip? Group fundraising is a fast-growing trend and GivingFuel can help you become apart of it!

All our online donation campaigns work in conjunction with our group fundraising technology called GroupRev. The idea is simple: Empower your supporters and donors with a custom fundraising website that gathers the support of their friends and family to donate directly to you.

With other group fundraising websites, you have to divert your precious donations to a third party bank or website where fees pick at your precious funds for 30 days. With GroupRev, you get the most advanced group collaborative fundraising technology which also works directly with any GivingFuel campaign. GroupRev costs just 79 cents per donation!

Customized Fundraising Pages For Every Donor

There is no better way to engage your supporters than to give them tools to get their friends and family involved. On GroupRev, donors can create their very own fundraising webpages with custom images, videos, graphics and a personalized story.

Facebook Integration

GroupRev syncs with Facebook allowing people to like, share and comment directly on the fundraising page using their social networking account. Comments, shares and likes will post directly back to Facebook for all to see. GroupRev turns fundraising into a social interaction for friends and family with the potential to go viral.

Goal Tracking

Each fundraiser can set their own fundraising goal. The system will automatically track progress and update the thermometer and goal progress. View amount raised, number of donations received, percentage to goal and time remaining.

Real Time Visitor Reporting

Instant gratification! One of the best features of our group fundraising pages is the ability to see how many people have viewed each fundraising page. We’ve added a global map, so you can track visitors around the world in real time! Unleash your campaign and spread like wildfire across the web!

Organizational Control

As an organization, they give you unparalleled access control to specific graphics, images, videos and descriptions for all fundraising pages. You can allow which areas of the fundraising page are editable and also lock header graphics and color schemes to match your organization. You create the template and Let em run!

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Group Fundraising:

"Group Fundraising" is part of the GivingFuel line of products, developed by Webconnex.