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Gillani® - ERP, Financials, SCM, WMS, & Distribution Management Solutions

Gillani is a 1st tier provider of ERP, SCM, WMS, Order fulfillment, Distribution Management, Transportation Management, and Financial Accounting solutions to many Fortune 500 and mid-market manufacturers, distributors, retailers, telecommunication giants, energy companies, defense contractors, government sector, municipalities, non-Profit agencies, utility sector, and as well as some of the world’s leading 3PL organizations.

The Gillani Global Enterprise™ Solution features Gillani™ iDistribute™ a complete end-to-end Supply Chain Management solution. The system provides advanced Order Management capabilities including our Web-based OE and E-Commerce software, integrated with comprehensive Inventory Management, Advanced Inventory Planning & Replenishment, Purchasing and Procurement, and Financial Accounting functionality. Business Intelligence tools like Cognos and Crystal Reports are also seamlessly integrated in to the application.

The Gillani™ Financials Solution includes General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Fixed Assets, Purchase Order, Financial Report Writer, Budget Manager, and Credit Manager functions. The Gillani™ Human Resources Solutions includes Payroll, Benefits Administrations, and Hiring & recruiting.

The Gillani™ iDonor Financials Management software is a complete non-profit organization donor management and financial accounting solution designed for the needs of organizations working in diverse relief, NGO, social services, and other faith based operational arena. The enterprise level accounting suite is a flexible and robust business suite of applications that manages mid-size to very large organizations. The Accounting capabilities address the mission critical financial needs of the business along with donor management, fund raising campaign management, and pledge management capabilities. Beside the standard GL, AP, AR, FA, Payroll modules; fully functional OE, Inventory Management, Purchasing and Replenishment modules are also available. Together they comprise a complete end-to-end enterprise level business solution, offering a unique combination of planning, execution, collaboration and monitoring capabilities delivering extraordinary business results for its users. The system has 200 standard reports and users may design any customer reports as needed.

FourGen® Business Accounting is a Gillani solution designed for smaller companies and includes complete accounting modules including GL, AP, AR, FA, PO, HR, and PR with a SDK for Hi-speed Rapid Application Development Environment to quickly be able to customize, modify, and add new modules on the fly using the Gillani FourGen CASE Tools for IBM/Informix® 4GL Programmers or select and upgrade with other Gillani ERP, SCM, WMS, and CRM modules.

The Gillani™ FourGen® Rapid Application Development Manager, originally developed in 1983 as FourGen® CASE Tools and bundled with Informix-4GL as Informix Forms & Informix Reports until 1996, are the cornerstone of Gillani MBD™ - Modifiability by Design™ concept, and provide a Rapid Application Development environment for industrial strength applications on Informix-4GL technology that will run on either Informix or Oracle databases today, and DB2 in future. The Gillani FourGen® Rapid Application Development Manager suite contains pre-programmed functions, Form Painter, Screen Code Generator, Report Code Generator, Featurizer – for adding custom business logic, Menu System, and a front-end GUI Generator to deploy the applications on the Windows desktops or via the web. This SDK provides programmers access to million of lines of code which does not have to be rewritten to create application from scratch or customize & modify any Gillani™ products.


City & Municipality Government, State & National level Government, Social Services, and Tax Authorities. Other industries included are Automotive, Computer Services, Consumer Packaged Goods / Wholesale Distribution & Service / Retail, Education, Financial / Electronics; Banking, Government, Healthcare, Industrial Hardware & Equipment, Food, Grocery, Insurance, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Life Sciences, Media & Entertainment, Professional Services, Telecommunications, Non-profit, Charity, Faith Based, Environmental, Social Work, NGO, Relief Organizations, Travel & Transportation, Utility & Energy Services

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