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GigaTrak (formerly Process & Technology Solutions) was established in 1996 and has written over 600 software systems of all types. Our solutions meet a wide variety of customer needs. Our clients are both small growing companies as well as large Fortune 500 corporations. Most notably, GigaTrak was sole-sourced to write the secure warehouse inventory system used for The US State Department. We have been asked to provide software systems where no other company has been capable of meeting the need – something we are very proud of!

During the last several years, GigaTrak has developed numerous “off-the-shelf” products for industrial company use. Each product is designed around a standardized user interface to ensure ease-of-use for our customers. The user interface includes functions such as user authorization, bar code label designer, PDF report creation, default report and label printer assignment, and more. Our “look-and-feel” is user friendly and keeps training time at a minimum. The Asset Information screen from ATS (Asset Tracking System) is shown below for reference. In addition, a screen from the mobile handheld computer for check out is also displayed.

Every product can be customized to specifically meet the need of the client. This may include the addition of new modules or the modification of existing. Custom reports can also be added or a third party report writer used by the client. Each custom project starts with a Process Plan and includes a system specification.

Our database architecture is open and accessible so connecting or transferring data to another application is readily possible. Most systems are based on a Microsoft Access or SQL Server platform. Other database options are available including Oracle. Many of our systems have been connected to other host applications that may reside on an NT Server, AS/400, RS/6000 or mainframe system.

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