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Genesys ERP

An ERP software solution from GENESYS
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GENESYS is the enterprise software architecture in modular form, which allows to optimize the use of company resources (human, server (s), Workstations, Networking, Communications and others).

GENESYS provides a solution comprehensive, flexible and scalable to companies of different sizes (Small, Medium and Large) and sectors (Industrial, Commercial and Services), allowing you to develop tailored to your business goals now and in the future.

GENESYS allows have a single platform obtaining greater operational efficiency in all areas of the company or group of companies, gaining control and transparency you need for individual or corporate business management.

GENESYS can automate and optimize core business processes and complex helping to better manage your business.

GENESYS contains in its structure all data managed in all the operations in each of the areas of the company, thus ensuring the access and management of information oriented to the use of tools Business Intelligence integrated and / or adaptable for viewing the performance and efficiency of your company, instantly analyze situations with concrete data and indicators, so you can understand at the time what happens in your business.


Genesys ERP modules have functions, features and reports that control, efficiently, managing processes by area. The breadth and scope of Genesys ERP are based on management features of each module and their interaction with each other. It has a modular support what we call “Core Modules” which are a series of horizontal applications, ie works for all types of business.


We also have the “Additional modules” that engage the “Basic” of a vertical form, ie, according to the category or business necessity modules that specifically manage an activity thereof are incorporated.

Popular Functionality Modules

Treasury Expenditure Request Box. Loans to third parties. Receipts. Payroll Payments for programming. Miscellaneous Expenditure (overstock, Tax Payment, etc). Withholding. Decrease.…

Fixed Assets Fixed Asset Register: Self-Generated Code. Internal Code. Serial number. Type / Make / Model / Description. Depreciation method. Useful Life. Amortization. Residual value.…

Stores Detailed control of each store. Requirement by area. Inventory Settings. Guide Sales, Purchases, Transfers between warehouses. Transformation of Goods, Domestic Consumption,…

Quality Management Design of the structure of manuals. Access to manual for reference. Corrective Action Requests and / or preventive. Type / Source / Requests States. Solicitation Documents.…

Store Monitoring of Multiple Point of Care (PMA) Monitoring Sales Monitoring Collection Monitoring Receipts Warehouse Control…

Complete Functionality Module List

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