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We are a team of professionals in information technology, engineering and accounting dedicated to research and development of computer systems for Peruvian companies since 1990. In 2000, aware of the needs of Peruvian companies we decided to develop GENESYS (Information System for Business) tool that meets the requirements of management and information from all areas of the company enabling them to achieve the efficiency needed to be more successful. Our corporate culture is based on creating human connections with everyone around us, as our staff customers, suppliers, and the community. Currently, GENESYS has been successfully implemented in over 100 national and international companies within sectors: Industrial, Fishing, Commercial and Services, used by more than 5000 users. We have strengthened our complementing operations nationally and bonding strengths with companies and top professionals, creating important strategic alliances that allow us to offer our customers a complete and high quality service.

Generate Competitive Advantage The Genesys ERP prepares you for globalization and competition in the market, creating the need for companies porliderar its sector. Efficiently manages the Supply Chain Creates a reliable and correct relationship with its stakeholders (stakeholders) “who can affect or are affected by the activities of a company.” Increase your productivity with GENESYS ERP can connect to your information via internet, obtaining full control of the company in real time from anywhere, anytime, and you can make approvals and decisions as appropriate, maintaining information security of your company. Fits your budget and deadline GENESYS is available with affordable licensing options, from acquisition to financing, and a fast implementation method to help you get going in a few weeks. …

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