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This web based remotely hosted solution addresses all of the ordering and fulfillment needs of retail businesses. It can be used by mail order, web order and call center fulfillment. The system can be used by 3rd party fulfillment businesses or can process orders to be shipped to you own customers. The system has an ability to import files from the web or other source. It has a call Center capability, Inventory control, Warehouse management, Shipping, Receiving, Tracking, etc. It has interfaces to virtually all the most popular shipping vendors such as UPS, Post office, Fed Ex, etc. Reports can be processed across the web and the entire system, being web based, can be accessed from anywhere. A Security system is included to protect access. The system can be hosted remotely where the user does not need to purchase any equipment or IT staff, or it can be hosted at your own site if you wish. If the ASP (remotely hosted) service is requested, there is no software to purchase. You only pay to be setup, trained and pay a monthly fee for the amount of the service that you need.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with Ship4u:

"Ship4u" is part of the Genesis Total Solution line of products, developed by Genesis Total Solutions.