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The Inventory module allows the operator to setup raw materials and finished goods grouped by up to 10 classification types with each type having an infinite number of entries. Classifications include: manufacturer, size, color, material, grade, etc. Multiple units of measure are available along with four costing methods including standard, FIFO, last, and average. Most entries come from other modules such as receipts from Purchasing, sales from Order processing, issues and receipts from Production. The operator may post their own totals if required. Physical counts can be entered using inventory tags if required. Data can be posted through data collection devices. Reporting includes activity, availability, valuation, analysis, profitability, reorder guide, aging, etc. The operator can store items in multiple warehouses and multiple locations and track by these. Pricing is optionally available (used by OP and AR) and can be setup and maintained by various methods including by customer, items, class of items, etc. Online queries are available to find and report items by wild card lookups of the items description and various classifications. The items description may be expanded to as many lines as is required.

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"Inventory Control" is part of the Genesis Total Solution line of products, developed by Genesis Total Solutions.