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Genesis Total Solutions

A developer of management software designed for small-businesses.

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Since 1972 we have been supplying one stop solutions to businesses throughout the US, Canada and oversees. To ensure that you receive the solution that best fits your specific business need, we only sell products that we developed ourselves. We can thus also offer to you custom development to even better fit your requirements. Yet we have a host of modular and integrated packages that are ready today and can be used by you tomorrow in hundreds of markets around the US and beyond.

We offer accounting, distribution and production software for both the business to business and retail fulfillment markets. We have experience with discrete and process manufacturing businesses. Our accounting applications are flexible and powerful enough to adapt to the needs of a Mom and Pop shop or a billion dollar industry - and we have some of each of those as our clients.

We will treat you, and every client, as though you were are only client. No other vendor can offer better or more responsive support. We only train at your site and you will not be disappointed in any of our solutions or support.

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