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XO/Commerce Inventory Management gives you complete control over your most valuable asset, your inventory. Using an advanced algorithm to track demand, XO/Commerce performs customer demand forecasting, vendor lead time forecasting, and suggest order quantity. As well, XO/Commerce continually monitors for overstock to help you reduce carrying costs and maximize inventory turns, without compromising customer services.

Product Control

  • XO/Commerce provides unsurpassed, unlimited user-defined information via Er/a technology that simplifies classifying and coding items without programming.
  • Automatic replacement and flexible substitutions are fully supported.
  • Provides cross reference of old and new NDC/UPC numbers.
  • Fully supports kits and deals.
  • Allows for unlimited slotting with or without lot controls.
  • Captures and tracks item movements and actual cost with advanced 2-tier design.


  • XO/Commerce forecasts customer demand using both patterns and exceptions to suggest just-in-time replenishment, which will significantly improve customer service and better return on investment.
  • Product demand is categorized into index patterns and exceptions, which can be translated into SOQ.
  • XO/Commerce manages your inventory by methods for different item categories, including Order Points, Line Points, and Buying Cycle.
  • It effectively evaluates dollars versus units for optimal buying quantity and cycle.


  • XO/Commerce optimizes your buying efficiency and helps manage the supply chain from product ordering to delivery from your suppliers.
  • It supports single and central purchasing for an unlimited number of warehouses or distribution centers.
  • Alternate sources are automatically compared and selected if an advantage is found.
  • XO/Commerce provides buyers with the Purchasing Daily Agenda (PDA), which enhances buying productivity. The PDA summarizes all buying activities such as due orders, overdue, scheduled, and all item exceptions.
  • It supports all standard methods of data interchange, including Auto Fax, EDI/X.12, and our own eML (an electronic markup language).

Interfaces - XO/Commerce is fully prepared to interface with the most common purchasing software packages.

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