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XO/Commerce QXP

An accounting software system designed by Genesis Expert Systems for distribution/wholesale trade and manufacturing companies.
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XO/Commerce QXP, a mid-level version of the revolutionary XO/Commerce Supply Chain Management software solution from Genesis Expert Systems, Inc. XO/Commerce QXP is optimized to run a single distribution center with up to 20,000 SKUs while providing the same robust features and functions as the premier design which targets large corporations with unlimited distribution centers.

XO/Commerce QXP delivers a rich set of distribution operating standards including barcode and RF-enabled Warehouse Operations, touch screen and RF-enabled Order Confirmation, integrated EDI, Inventory Management with optimized Demand Replenishment, Contract Administration, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) with Telemarketing/Contract Management and Sales Management. In addition, XO/Commerce QXP includes fully integrated Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and General Ledger functionality.

XO/Commerce QXP integrates IBM® iSeries AS/400 and Windows® PC. Use of simple Windows® menus and screens along with the high availability and processing power of the AS/400 platform combine to perform major management functions resulting in a reduction in inventory and redundancies and an increase in turns. The foundation of XO/Commerce QXP is a high-technology software design and architecture called Er/a (Entity Relationship and Attribute), a derivative of Expert Systems and Artificial Intelligence. Er/a transforms business concepts and ideas into computer language with the speed of today’s business.

XO/Commerce QXP supports “XML” and is “SSR” compliant.

Popular Functionality Modules

General Ledger Features Include: Supports multiple companies and warehouses providing flexibility and scalability. Interfaces with any system via the journal interface. Integrates budgets…

Accounts Payable Features Include: Implements automatic discounts based on prearranged terms. Offers manual or automatic payment selection. Provides split distribution of payment to multiple…

Accounts Receivable Features Include: Supports open item and balance forward posting and statements. Supports chain store billing and cross posting. Includes dating and cash discounts. Provides…

Order Processing Features Include: Order entry gives you quick access to customer, pricing, and inventory information as well as purchase history. Flexible product search with comparable…

Inventory Management XO/Commerce Inventory Management gives you complete control over your most valuable asset, your inventory. Using an advanced algorithm to track demand, XO/Commerce performs…

Complete Functionality Module List

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