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Retail-1 OTB (Open-to-Buy Planning) allows you to perform integrated merchandise planning. With this software, you will be given the tools to formalize and improve your entire planning process. Meaning you can integrate planning for anything from corporate revenue and gross margin objectives, to merchandise plans by class, to store inventory and sales plans. This product will give you better information, which you can use in your decision-making for new merchandise, current merchandise, and overall budgets. This product supports both top-down and bottom-up planning scenarios. You can also develop multiple scenarios to evaluate merchandise alternatives. To check up on the progress of your planning, Retail-1 OTB provides progressive analysis of stock-to-sales ratios.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with OTB:

"OTB" is part of the Retail - 1 line of products, developed by Gemmar Systems International.