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Retail-1 EIS (Executive Information System) is a performance marking software system. This product will answer critical questions for you; questions like: how are my stores performing? what merchandise is selling? etc. This product can provide weekly, monthly, and quarterly recaps of product, store, and supplier performance, against plans, and against prior year results. Every key measure in judging performance is included in the system. Additionally, the drill-down capability makes it easy to see top-ten and bottom-ten performers in any category, by class, as well as by supplier. Furthermore, measures of performance specific to the retail industry (sales per square foot, refunds, traffic conversion rates, etc.) are included within the software. Implementing this software allows you to immediately diagnose problems, allowing you to respond sooner; and hence, prevent further losses.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with EIS:

"EIS" is part of the Retail - 1 line of products, developed by Gemmar Systems International.