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Retail-1 CRM DataMiner is a business intelligence program for CRM. All customer information stored in Retail-1 Store can be fully analyzed with the CRM DataMiner. This product will provide you with numerous advantages in both your macro- and micro-marketing efforts. By allowing you to segment your market with a dynamic analysis of customer demographics and profile data; you can focus your marketing budget on the true target market. With the additional information you can also improve your understanding of customer response time to your marketing mix and promotional activities. This software package will also give you the capability to identify and target your most profitable customers. You can also use this information to generate lists for: direct mail, e-mail, and telephone contact. Additionally, you have the ability to identify laggard customers (those who have not recently shopped at your stores) and target them for specific marketing efforts to get them back in and shopping.

Other Applications

The following applications are designed to work hand-in-hand with CRM DataMiner:

"CRM DataMiner" is part of the Retail - 1 line of products, developed by Gemmar Systems International.